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My Tokyo Travel Experience; Solo Traveling

2nd of March 2017
It was not a typical day for me; 5 months of waiting finally came to an end. The Land of the Rising Sun is calling me. My name is Faris and this is my story. The flight from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) to Haneda (Tokyo) took about 7 hours and oh boy, it was smooth as hell.
As I stepped off the plane, a gust of cold wind hit my face. At that moment, I knew it. This is going to be an awesome trip.
Bewilderment took over me as I walk through the immigration gate, not knowing what to expect. The officer on duty asked me for my old passport, “Ha? Why do I need to bring my old passport if I have the new one?” Maybe he had a little suspicion, seeing my new, unstamped passport. He asked me for any documents on the accommodation and the return flight boarding pass. “There you go, officer.” Looking at my “innocent” face and well-documented travel plan, he let me off the hook. “Arigatou gozaimasu.” I passed through the custom check like a breeze. Yes!
I was perplexed for a moment, trying t…

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